ambassador, Stoke & Leisure 2017

The World Surf League is searching for someone who is both extremely stoked and leisurely to join us in Hawaii for six weeks.

If you can appreciate the unreal excitement of top-notch athleticism and the simple elegance of a Hawaiian palm at the same time, if you can laugh, adventure, experience, seek, try, celebrate, taste, and take pictures, then, well, keep reading.



What is stoke?

Stoke is the excitement you'll feel when you:

  • See the best surfers in the world getting barrelled on surfing's most legendary wave
  • Drive around finding the most un-freaking-believable scenery in all of Hawaii
  • High-five John John Florence
  • Surf Hawaii for the first time...or surf anywhere for the first time
  • Walk out of your current job/parents' basement knowing you'll soon be in Hawaii for six weeks

What is Leisure?

If you stopped reading two lines ago in search of something chiller and more fun to do...well, come back, cause you'd be perfect.


what is the world surf league and is this real?

Yeah, it's real. We put on surfing's Championship Tour, which takes us to Australia, Brazil, Fiji, South Africa, Tahiti, California, and Europe before it ends with a grand finale in Hawaii. Every "winter" we post up on the North Shore of Oahu, the birthplace of professional surfing, for some amazing events. (PS If the waves get big, like REAL BIG, the Pe'ahi Challenge will run at a wave called Jaws over on Maui when the surf is 20ft+. Google it. And if this goes down while you're there all we can say is – you lucky dog you.)




"Hot damn! I am so interested in this job I've practically already kicked down my boss' door to quit but like...what do I have to do?" So glad you've asked, friend:

You'll be the the head of a newly created department within the WSL – the department of Stoke and Leisure – to be run out of our Hawaii office, the WSL event sites, and a prime-time Airbnb where you'll be in charge of two ultra-important initiatives: being excited about whatever is happening and chillin' the most.



  • Stoked. You are required to be stoked about life, surfing, palm trees, açai bowls, pro surfers, coral reefs, crystal clear water, not working for The Man, mind-blowing sunsets, the occasional coconut, and more. If none of those things elicit stoke in you, then you need not apply.
  • Ability to maximize use of all-access pass at highly-attended event. If you enjoy being a fly on a really, really, REALLY cool wall, you're gonna love this thing.
  • Skilled at 'gramming. We are going to load your Like cannon big time, but it is you who must light the fuse. Waterfalls. Parties. Cliff Jumps. Famous people. Hammocks. Lava. FRUITY DRINKS. Jet ski rides to places you didn't even know you wanted to go. Brace yourself for plenty of comments along the lines of "I hate you," sent from within the confines of cubicle walls.
  • Energy. You're about to do a bunch of stuff. Unbelievable stuff. You'll want to amaze your friends, family, grandkids, people you've just met, and total strangers with one knockout highlight reel of The Whole Thing. Six weeks in three minutes. We'll hook you up with lots of hi-res footage, music, and a world-class editor-guru, but the main ingredient will be your experiences. So nap on the plane, hit the ground running, and don't stop 'til December 20.


  • Cash
  • Hawaii
  • Unlimited coconuts
  • And more!


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