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Scotty Kennedy



Linda Aulbach


Sara Guix



Jason Field


Pat McDonough



Zach Brown


Mariana Estela



Adam Bartoshesky



Your votes will be an important part of the selection criteria.
 the supreme overlords of Stoke & Leisure (our bosses) will choose the best candidate. We hope they accept...!


You can only vote once for each video; voting closes on October 22, 2017. This is not a contest or a game of skill and as such the votes are non binding and only one of the methods used by WSL to find the perfect Ambassador: Stoke and Leisure, 2017.


Thank you to everyone who applied, talked about applying but didn't, or thought about applying before something more leisurely came up. 


But we also didn't need to - it's plain to see that you're already Ambassadors of Stoke & Leisure out there everyday. Keep it up.